a digital slotcar scene in 1/32 scale


Warmup ...


The idea to this project began in 2009. Take your old Carrera Evolution track parts and pimp it up with the new digital technology and build a nice slotcar scene on a small board of 4,5 x 1 meter.


After a lot of planing time on the pc and over 200 hours of building the track was finished: "the green hell II" in 1/32 scale.


Filled with a lot of plants, trees, gadgets, special construction vehicles, farming and forestry vehicles, quads and commercial vehicles this slotcar scene is a lot of fun ... The track is hard to drive due to many curves and bridges and chicanes.


Take this site for inspiration building your own track. I hope you have fun watching this site.


The Track Layout


  • Track length: 17.5 meters
  • LAP record: 5.835 sec (Porsche 918 Spyder "Martini")
  • Technology: Carrera Digital 132, modified 2012 new AU, startlight and 2 fuel meters

  • High level difficulty through 4 different LANE CHANGE SECTIONS
  • 2 lane change sections, 1 lane change curve, 1 cross lane change, 1 "chicane"
  • 2x 180 degrees slide curves
  • 1 chicane + 1 special curve arround the pond
  • Long home straight + Pitstop lane
  • 3 bridges



Cars, Mods & Inspirations

All photos taken with a SONY Alpha 6000 with standard lens 16-55mm and processed with Adobe© Lightroom. All photos copyright ©2017 j.koch

How To Build A Track in 1:32

Track Planing


Building the Track

Terrain building


Bridges and Flags

planing with PC software

Using a track planer software like autorennbahnpaner.de  makes it easy to plan your layout.


you can experiment with lanes and layouts and your maximum size of the diorama in your room.

Part List


1x Blackbox

12x straights

5x 1/3 straight

2x 1/4 straight


Special Parts:

1x lane change section left

1x lane change section right

1x cross lane change

1x lane change curve

2x pit stop lane change

2x pit stop lane straight

1x LAP counter



13x curve 1/60° 13

3x curve 1/30° 3

15x curve 2/30° 15

2x curve 3/30° 2




1x extra power wire


The installation of LED Lights makes fun to race in the dark. Real night feeling guarabteed ;-)


total there a 20 headlights installed on the track. Each headlight has 2 to 4 LED light mounted in an aluminium profile, powered by a 12 volt ac adapter.


all parts of the LED light are available in electronic stores and in DIY stores.


The dimensuins of the diorama are 4.5 to 1.85 meters. It is build of plywood boards from the DIY store. They where screwed together and added with 6 piers with rollers to move the board easily.


For noise cancellation I used a felt mat and fitted it on the board.


The track was build as planned before. Bridges and gradients are build with wood plates as you can see on the photos.



Test the track!

Before building your diorama it is recommended to test your track, the curves and the gradients.


Terrain building ...

The guardrails are build of special aluminium profiles from the DIY store.

Bridges and Flags

The Flags are build from aluminium profiles and the flag itself was printed on 120g photo paper and pasted together. Very simple!

The banner bridges are also bild of special aluminium profiles ...


Actual mods, builds,  new cars and vehicles

Every few months (or years ;-)) I find some time to realize some new ideas or improve the track. Also some new racing cars or vehicles will find the way to the track ... ;-)


December 2011:

New: LED Track Lights

May 2014:

New car: Mercedes Benz SLS GT

September 2014:

New vehicle: Pistenbully

October 2014:

New: Palm trees in scale 1/32



November 2014:

  • New vehicle: Claas Xerion 5000 (Wiking Modell)
  • New vehicle: John Deere Kommunal (Wiking Modell)
  • Some trees removed
  • Some trees moved to pond

December 2016:

  • New racing car: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R

Januar 2017:

  • New vehicle: Yanmar SV100-2 PB Compact loader (Model ROS 1:32)
  • New flags build from aluminium
  • New banner bridges build from aluminium
  • New decoration stones
  • New photos and redesigned homepage

February 2017:

  • New vehicle: Unimog U 1600 "Winter" (Schuco)
  • New Racing Car: BMW Z4 GT3 Schubert Motorsport No. 20

July 2017:

  • New vehicle: Classic Unimog "Fire Department" (Schuco)
  • New racing car: Porsche 918 Spyder "Gulf"


September 2017:

  • New racing car: Mercedes-AMG GT3 Lechner Racing, No.27


November 2017:

  • New racing car: Audi R8 LMS Yaco Racing, No.50
  • New vehicle: Claas Scorpion 7044 Telescope Loader


December 2017:

  • New racing car: Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Manthey Racing Livery





Webdesign and all photos ©2017 eXtrivate aka j.koch. The most photos are taken with SONY Alpha 6000.